Officers and Board of Trustees

Officers/Executive Committee

  Herb Brownett, CCIFP, CPA
  Brownett & Associates LLC
  West Chester, PA


  Vice Chairman
  Melissa Rutledge, CCIFP, CPA
  Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity
  Dallas, TX

  Kerri Richardson, CCIFP, CPA
  Fort Wright, KY



    Gretchen Kelly, CCIFP, CPA
    Nystrom, Inc.
    Minneapolis, MN


  Immediate Past Chairman
  Chuck Elyea, CCIFP
  ShareMyToolbox, LLC
  Charlotte, NC



Executive Director

Veronica Whitehead
[email protected]

Construction Industry Participant Trustees

Jeff Krall, CCIFP, CPA
JB+J Construction

Steven Lords, CCIFP, CPA
Arizona Pipeline

Joann Hillenbrand, CCIFP
Airco Mechanical, Inc.

Kimberly Hullfish, CCIFP
C. Abbondizio Contractors

Mel burgEs, CCIFP, CPA
Harcon, Inc.

Vested Industry Participant Trustees

M. Aron Dunn, CCIFP, CPA

Carl Oliveri, CCIFP, CPA
Grassi & Co.

David Pesce, CCIFP
Navigators Management Company, Inc.

Todd Soderlund, CCIFP, CPA
Elliott Davis Decosimo, LLC

Ron Lenz, CCIFP, CPA
Katz, Sapper & Miller