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Construction accounting and financial management is unique. CCIFPs bring strategic thinking, applied work experience, and the ability to convert data into dialogue. If your company wants to maximize your financial management of its projects and gain a competitive edge in the market, encourage your employees to earn the CCIFP certification.  Here’s why adding a CCIFP is a strategic advantage for your firm:

A broad and important role. The role of construction financial managers involves partnering in management decision making, devising performance management systems, and providing expertise in financial reporting and control to formulate and implement complex construction projects.

It’s more than just the numbers. Understanding the numbers is important but being able to turn data into decisions and communicate this to everyone involved in the project is more important than ever. CCIFPs are a distinct asset to your firm that can lead to successful project completion, efficient business practices, accurate revenue and overall company revenue success. 

A team member that can talk the talk. Today’s construction financial managers interact with sureties, banking and finance, insurance, legal, government authorities, auditors, project leaders and many others. Having a CCIFP on your team ensures that the firm has someone who understands the nuances and complexity of construction finance and can communicate confidently with everyone involved in the project.

A team of specialists. Encourage your financial team to go beyond the CPA and demonstrate their specialty in construction financial management. The CCIFP certification offers employers assurance and a reliable way to differentiate applicants and employees who can apply their unique financial knowledge and broad skills on the job. The designation also shows someone is committed to staying current on construction financial management changes and innovations.

Champion the importance of specialty financial management within your company. Hiring employees with a CCIFP or encouraging your current employees to earn their certification demonstrates that your financial team has mastered the core knowledge that is unique to construction finance. Supporting employees to earn the CCIFP also provides a career ladder within the firm and inspires confidence in the team that they are ready to be important contributors to your company.

A Commitment to Learning. While having an employee with a CCIFP credential underscores their competence in the field, it also highlights their dedication to ongoing learning.  Earning the CCIFP is only the beginning as CCIFPs commit themselves to self-improvement, boosting their understanding of new and existing concepts, skills and best practices for handling day-to-day business as well as unexpected scenarios.

Capitalize on the value of an employee who has earned the CCIFP credential by proudly displaying these icons on your Web site, advertisements, marketing materials, profiles, and other media.

These icons are symbols of accomplishment, experience and success and set your firm apart from the rest.

Icons for use by individuals, owners of construction companies, or CPA firms: